Krishna Village Eco Yoga Community

As an eco yoga community set on New Govardhana, the Krishna Village endeavours to provide the blueprint of a simple, mindful, spiritually based lifestyle. By allowing our guests to share this experience, we hope to inspire a wholesome and sustainable lifestyle that is good for all living beings and conducive to a joyous and loving attitude.

By spiritual association, the fog covering our consciousness disappears, and our path becomes clearly visible in front of us. – HH Sacinandana Swami

We welcome a broad variety of guests, from young, spiritually interested volunteers to retreat guests, from families on a yoga inspired camping holiday to devotees who enjoy interacting and connecting with people from all walks of like. Expect an open, joyous, guitars-around-the-campfire type atmosphere with lots of laughter and love for life. Temple and yoga class attendance is encouraged but not required, so everybody can decide, to which degree they choose to immerse themselves in devotional activities, as long as they adhere to our Code of Conduct, which requires a fully vegetarian diet, non-intoxication and respectful behaviour.

Staying at the Village you will find yourself surrounded by a beautiful community of spiritually minded people who are coming together with the intention of sharing their gifts and talents and supporting each others’ learning and growth. We welcome diversity and – in Srila Prabhupada’s spirit – respect our individual soul journeys.

What we offer

  • A beautiful community of devotees, spiritual seekers and young volunteers from all over the world
  • The privacy of a single/double room or a delightful outdoors experience if you bring your own camping gear
  • Delicious prasadam 3x/day (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Daily yoga classes at the Krishna Village yoga hall
  • Time to join the temple program and the additional classes at the Krishna Village
  • Options to book relaxing massages and detox with our delicious Jeeva Juice

Pricing and Bookings

For details on courses and options to stay incl. pricing, please visit